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2012 Yamaha WR250R


  • Lowered approximately 1" using factory adjustment
  • Safari translucent tank
  • Pro Taper Henry Reed bar
  • Hot Grips heated grips
  • Heat-Troller heated grip controller
  • Eastern Beaver 3 circuit solution
  • Highway Dirt Bike hand guards, mirrors, and anti-vibe weights
  • Sandman Freedom case saver - anodized blue
  • Pro Moto billet rear cargo rack
  • Flatland Racing skid plate
  • Flatland Racing radiator guard
  • Wolfman side rack with RotoPax mount system
  • Wolfman expedition dry saddle bags

Possible Future Modifications:

  • Seal savers
  • Lynx fairing or some sort of wind screen (this one is questionable)
  • Some sort of suspension upgrade (contemplating this for long trip)